Archana Tandon (Category-Poem)(Being Human|Certificate of Excellence)

Archana Tandon (Category-Poem)(Being Human|Certificate of Excellence)

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Archana Tandon

Being Human

The lonely soul was in distress
His ailments to her, he did confess
He approached her, to allay his anxiety
And she reciprocated with all her dexterity

Thankful of her company he began to open up
In the warmth of her words his outcry got muffled up
From his gloom he was made to emerge
Slowly made to fly to satisfy his inner urge

The sadness was soon replaced with a winning smile
Which had been hiding behind despondency all this while
She watched him soar higher and higher
As he built bit by bit his cherished empire

To his aching call she responded with all her sanity
Reciprocally an equivalent joy was added to her vanity
To every aching soul that makes a call
Humanity within us should always respond

© Dr Archana Tandon

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