Aparna Jha (By Blackout| Certificate of Participation)

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Aparna Jha

For last few nights
I couldn’t find sleep in my eyes
The piling charred bodies
Screaming, created an ire
Within me, for doing nothing,
Reckless, hapless wandering all the while

It’s complete blackout,
Lonely, segregated,gloomy lie
Around, no hope, no startlit sky
Cacophony, pain, shout aloud
Will no one come to pave the path for a soothing night or a brighter day alike,
Yes it’s blackout, complete blackout

Fear ! Is it a mere phobia?
Sadness that prevail
Burning pyre, lit by trail
Of dead, innocents laid
Lives for being a gal,
Is it by chance or an obia?

Think, ponder, scratch
Why kids, why gals being thrashed
It’s scary, dreary, horrific
To wipe this blackout,
A humane sight need to be lit

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