Anuradha Singh (Time Contest | Epoch Ranter Award )

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Anuradha Singh

Time is the master we his slaves
Waiting upon him to change our days

Time cleans the slate at every moment of the day
Giving fresh start for failures to make it a new way

Time like a tide besets, with storm or spring in toe
Leaves on its own with footprints of destruction or manifestation of dreams to be told.

Change is his General overseeing his vast kingdom
Shadows of time keep elongating and shortening on its dome.

As time is the key to births and deaths
Leaving utter pleasure or displeasure in its wake.

Destiny is its charter which remains occupied
When time flies, destined people create wonders or blunders in their lives.

Shakespeare said in sonnet fifty-five
Monuments will fall, kingdoms will die

But his words in praise of his friend would remain alive
In memory of people till doomsday would arrive

Such is the power of pen, mightier than sword
It defies not only mortals but the immortal emperor, time.

I have arrested time in the weaves of my words of passion, emotion and more.
Making it timeless to chime forever galore.

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