Antaryami Mishra (Category- Poetry)(JUSTICE | Certificate of Appreciation )

Antaryami Mishra (Category- Poetry)(JUSTICE | Certificate of Appreciation )


Antaryami Mishra

Changing times teach us all the best

What changes not by time and clime

Losing battle teaches strategic weakness

How the reverse would balm the wound in a chime .


Tension silently throws light into gloomy tunnel

Years of darkness is driven instantly

Solution follows the question which 

The victim fails , continues cursing curiously .


Scriptural history shines with scintillating tales

Of demons devastating domains of peace , harmony

God incarnating , fighting wars unbelievable

Beheading vermins  restoring order , normalcy .


Present times , concurrent crimes  knock nonstop the doors of court

Law-books , lawyers ,evidence , procedures – proclaim rule of law

God seems cornered , wit – wealth garnered , weight of waiting creaking  heart

Man – made acts , may act for man to liberate timely from nuisance-claw .


© Antaryami Mishra .

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