Ancel Jann Libo-on (Category-Poetry)(Galaxy | Certificate of Excellence)

Ancel Jann Libo-on (Category-Poetry)(Galaxy | Certificate of Excellence)

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Ancel Jann Libo-on

The privilege of having you,
is worth more than shining diamonds.
Being the best while being alone,
feels worse than those cinnamons.
Having someone to hold on,
is a different level of victory.
Metaphors cannot survive,
if there’s no subject in a poetry.

Anagrams can be observed,
yet your meaning stays the same.
Your life will be at the edge of the hill,
if you’re breathing just for fame.
Cymbal sounds so loud,
cause somehow it isn’t alone.
You’ll need someone to make you work,
such a harmonic saxophone.

The moon needs the sun,
in order to create it’s own spotlight.
Even heroes has it’s weakness,
you also have a kryptonite.
Being the best is everything,
but having someone is priceless.
Money, fame and power can be diminished,
but friendship and connectivity is timeless.

“I Pity A Star”
by Ancel Jann Libo-on

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