Adeyemi Kehinde A. Oluwanishola (Category- Poetry)(LIFE GOES ON | Certificate of Excellence)


Adeyemi Kehinde A.

Why on earth would you take such a step?
Whatever happens, as happened
Though I might not be in your shoe
But I deeply feel the burdens of your heart

Why would you choose to give up your pursuit?
There’s always light at the end of the tunnel
Giving up your dreams underestimate your personality
Give hope another chance to try again

Why would you stop searching?
Searching for a life partner
Because they turned you down?
That’s how it has always been

Life goes on and on dear
Today’s down doesn’t mean you won’t rise tomorrow
Gather the strength of your youth
And begin to work towards your acme

Our problems shouldn’t be our challenge
Our fears shouldn’t roar at us
Despite the storms of life
We’re well able to sail through the deep

No matter what! Life goes on and on
Put on the smile of courage and boldness
Be ready to stand even when you fall
Victory is certain for the persistent minds

©Adeyemi Kehinde A.

One Comment on “Adeyemi Kehinde A. Oluwanishola (Category- Poetry)(LIFE GOES ON | Certificate of Excellence)

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    This is a very emotional piece.It is deeply written from the heart for enlightenment.The author,I guess is still searching for a soulmate .Very fantastic piece.Congratulations

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