Aabbram Bom R (Category-Poem) (Language | Certificate of Excellence)

Aabbram Bom R (Category-Poem) (Language | Certificate of Excellence)

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Aabbram Bom R

Harken! to the string of pearls like,
Letters have been built alike,
Layered, ordered, arrayed, organized,
Into the Nativity of connectivity fostered.
Such is the beauty mystified in the shapes,
Intoning the notes of heavenly notations,
Pouring forth the sublime words in ordinations,
To the gems of interpretations.
The majesty of the finest expression,
Inflaming in the passion recreation,
From the infinitesimal to the details procreation.
Thou escalate and de-escalate the tensions of push and pull,
Merging into the graceful veins of love hull,
Spreading the disciples of kinder hope,
Beseeching the testimonies and treaties of understanding hop,
Magnificently translating the same ink to versions of verses,
From the commonsensical to the sacred graces.
Such is the power of the attorneys of speeches,
Bestowed on generations in benedictions, recess.
Viva Lingua franca,
Viva language mater.
© aabbrambom r

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