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Bullying, role of schools in preventing it and ensuring improved mental health.

Bullying and any other kind of emotional abuse can have a variety of emotional consequences. When children are growing up they are more prone to develop anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses if bullied or subjected to any trauma. Such kids will grow up feeling insecure about themselves, with a low self esteem, and may feel extremely anxious while having to interact with people. 

Recognising, understanding, and talking about social inhibitions & complex emotions comes under emotional wellbeing. Learning to express emotions and reaching out for help when required are valuable lessons that schools pass on to students. When teachers listen to the child and are attentive to his/her emotional needs, they can provide appropriate support, advice & assurance to them. Valuing and acknowledging ideas, asking questions, modelling positive emotions & good behaviour are some examples through which students are motivated to make positive changes in life.

When school supports social and emotional well being, students typically have a fairly better mental health and they can then focus on school work and can develop skills to communicate better. This can translate to improved academic outcomes and better health later in life.

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