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Book Review- Note To Self

Note to self- essentially this phrase is used to remind oneself of something important.

The book is written by Connor Franta- a photographer by profession. He is also a popular YouTuber.
The book relays a series of picture shots taken by him, building the aesthetic around it. It is then intertwined with poetry and notes on his various experiences very akin to a diary entry.

The book was written in 2017. Connor talks about thing important to him which are very similar to things important to most of us- things that matter in daily life or in the long run. Things such as smiling every day, morning coffee or eventually finding acceptance for oneself.

He talks of his experiences in which he describes how he first experienced an earthquake that took San Francisco in early 2015. It was a small quake but feeling tremors in the ground beneath your feet reminds one of how little control we have on things around us.

The book is a perfect reminder of a pre-pandemic world, of the problems we had before Covid-19 hit the world and drastically changed forever. For better or worse. But the underlying principles are the same- to be grateful for things in life, to live for the little things and appreciate moments that make you happy or excited.

His tentative take on love and travelling is eye opening. In talking of love, he speaks about about coming out as a gay man. How true self love begins with acceptance. As a young gay individual he forced himself to conform- dated girls but never truly felt like he was in love. But sometimes the real antidote to a broken heart can be found in some distance from your home town and catching that flight- a change of scenery.

Connor takes the readers across the Atlantic from USA to London in hope of finding some relief in the arms of a buzzing city and friends. And he does. The excerpt is particularly encouraging and leaves the readers with the hope that given time- things do get better and the world turns around.

He shares with the readers poetry- talking of London as more of a feeling and less of a city. He speaks of rendezvous and of pretty girls in the sun. Of complimenting strangers and the beauty of a human smile.

Most of the book is written in a simple form where you find the author talking to himself on paper and it feels real- because a lot of us practice self talk. The book is relatable, soft and raw. The author is opening up in these pages, he is vulnerable and ready to talk of things- big and small, bright and his darkest moments too.

The book ends with a Note To Self- where he encourages anyone reading the book to go forth and get it. What he means by ‘it’ is up for the readers interpretation. ‘It’ could be anything anyone wants for life- a materialistic achievement, a job, a partner, to take a trip.
Most of all ‘it’ could be living for oneself but living for things bigger than that as well.

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