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Book Review – Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight By Rujuta Diwekar

Reading a book on health and fitness? Naah I would have never done that until I started following Rujuta Diwekar. I was completely unaware that she was a celebrity nutritionist until I read an interview of Kareena Kapoor boasting about having Dal chawal and Dahi Chawal. As I was already following Rujuta I came across her fitness project. I started off with this regime and slowly included exercise and yoga into my daily routine. At the end of the project I had lost some inches and a kg of weight.

I liked her idea of eating how we use to eat during childhood or how our grandmother’s used to eat. Most of it was not possible these days but I made room for some and incorporated it in my diet as well. I heard about her book and I quickly ordered it online. I was awestruck by her.

I finished the book the same day I bought it and I pretty much agreed with all her ideas. I follow her ideas even now and I am more into health and fitness. I exercise daily, I run marathons and I do cheat by having pizzas and pastas.

It’s not what you have, It’s all about how much you have.

Sharing a diet chart from the book and steps she recommends to stay healthy:

Wake up close to sunrise.

Eat within 10 minutes of waking up.

Within an hour of Meal 1, eat a nice, home cooked breakfast.

Eat every 2 hours after meal 2.

Eat your dinner within 2 hours of sunset.

Sleep at a fixed time.

Always eat local and seasonal.

This book motivated me to stay healthy and it really is an eye opener for all Indians as we are so fond of food.

By Divya Venkateswaran

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