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Book review: As Kismet Would Have It by Sandhya Menon

Nineteen years old and in college, Dimple and Rishi have happily dated for nearly a year, but Rishi is super eager to define their relationship further. He’s nervous about where he stands with Dimple, is she really anti-marriage, or is she anti-marrying him specifically?

It’s always going to be a bit much for me to see anyone (even an adorable guy like Rishi) in a contemporary setting pushing for a promise of lifelong commitment at nineteen years old; I’m not sure that’s him really being as understanding and respectful of her desire for independence as he claims, but I did like how things worked out, plus the family scenes are warm and entertaining.

If you had read When Dimple met Rishi, you definitely could not miss out on this short story, which is set one year after the first book’s events and what happened in There’s Something About Sweetie.

I think this short story dealt with an important theme, such as marriage, in a good way. Both Dimple and Rishi are still very young, and they have different ideas on marriage. It was very nice to see them tackle this topic and have a serious and mature conversation about it. I could totally understand their point of view, and I’m glad they came to an understanding.

This is a super-cute novella- (or novelette?)-length follow-up to When Dimple Met Rishi (a book I ADORED), and honestly, I think it wasn’t for my personal issues/biases. It probably would have been 5 stars all the way. Because I have personal reasons for not loving or trusting the idea of trying to make big decisions (one way or another) about marriage at the age of 19, I couldn’t relax and enjoy this story as much as I should have – but that’s my fault rather than the story’s fault. I still really enjoyed hanging out with these sweet characters again. Also, I am now even more desperately impatient to read. There’s Something About Sweetie, after Sweetie’s appearance in this story!

Even though being a 40-page long book, it has managed to give individuals highly polarised opinions on the storyline. No matter however people have reacted to it, mostly it is a happy, romantic teenager novel. This book has now been turned into a series on Netflix, and every individual is here for it! Love is love, even if it happens at the age of 19 or 45.

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