Snenzana Solkotovic(Category-Short Story)(Blossoms |Certificate of Appreciation)

Snenzana Solkotovic(Category-Short Story)(Blossoms |Certificate of Appreciation)


Snenzana Solkotovic


The retired teacher has been forgotten by everyone for years. She was humble and lived lonely with lots of memories… Sometimes she regretted the good old days. She had no relatives. Her world was books where she could relive her thoughts, feelings and an old love. She enjoyed the birds chirping; the dawn of a new day. The sun was a faithful friend of hers as well as the moon when it observed her through the lace curtain.
Often, the wind would play with her gray hairs and the rain would wash her tears from her brown cheeks.
The quiet throbbing of the front door would interupt her daydreaming. She found herself in wonder because no one has visited her for a long time now.
She barely got up and headed for the massive door. As soon as she opened it, she saw the smiling faces of young people. At first she couldn’t recognize them…
“Happy birthday to you, teacher…!!!” – they shouted cheerfully, giving her a large bouquet of beautiful roses.
“You might not remember us.”, the young woman said softly…
“But I never forgot about you, the first letters, the numbers that you taught us…”
“Nor did we.”, the others joined.
Her heart beat faster and her eyes filled with tears – overwhelmed with happiness.
Their presence was her favorite birthday present.
She realized she wasn’t putting an effort in vain all those years. The visit of these successful people was her greatest gift…

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