What You Need Is Not Persistence Only


What You Need Is Not Persistence Only

Mostly, the result of being persistent, is success. Presumably, it doesn’t always turn out to be so. The body informs what it can take, and what it can’t. It passes the message to the brain, but most people don’t know how to solve this riddle, and it later turns out to affect them.

Now, I put these questions unto thee, “With your behavior, can persistence really help you? ” “With what you do, will persistence after failure lead to your own success? ” Now, before you continue reading, take your own time to answer these questions. Have you? If you have then, let’s continue.

In years to come,I foresee a new realm will be created, a new world will be. A new world where many will fail because of their own definition for persistence. A world where many will be totally crestfallen even with their inerratic persistence. To avoid these, what should be done?

What you need is not persistence only. You’ve got to have something before being persistence, and that’s preparation.

A candle can refuse to be blown out, but only when it’s already been kindled. You can persist not to fail, but only when you are already prepared for the success. What is the purpose of being persistent when you don’t have what it takes to win.

Of course, persistence is needed. It’s basically one of the requirements of success. Ye! Thou shouldst only be persistent when thou art prepared for what thou wantst to achieve. That’s the trick to success. I’ve seen many people persist to write the examinations they failed, again, and again, till they will finally pass. I recommend my words, none of them shall pass with their own dexterity, with their own skills, unless they are really prepared to beat their own failures, blue and black.

A soldier that went to a battle of thousands of opponents without being armed, his safety can’t be guaranteed. The probability that he will get killed is very high. There,his persistence won’t help him not to get killed by his enemies. That’s what I called persistence without preparation. Are you getting the message of mine now?

I once drooped, sitting, wanting to understand what murders preparation slowly, and silently, but then my answer was – the society. The value the society approves is quite absurd, thus, kindling up a fire under the garment of preparation. Malpractice makes people feel preparation is useless. Examination malpractice, electoral malpractice… Unless these are curbed and curtailed, that new world will come to be, and the fate will still be – destruction.

Of course, the world should be everyone’s concern, since my great granddaughter, great grandson will be there, and yours. Let’s not bequeath a meaningless and hazardous world to them, or else, we are absolute failures. I don’t want to be one, and I don’t think you want to be one. Then let’s curtail by changing the useless rules. Let’s leave a peaceful realm to our offsprings. Then we can rest in our eternal rest without woes, sent to us by them.

By Sunday T. Saheed

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