The Restless Brain???

The Restless Brain???


Paradoxical to the Lazy Brain ???…

Having Practising Meditation, more consistently than otherwise, for a while now, today was my first attempt at Vipassana Meditation…

and to keep the Brain, thoughtless was a challenge…for the Brain is hard wired to be distracted, in keeping with the theory of our evolution…

Think about it…

  • Living in the wilderness, amongst the wild, had our Brain not been vigilant, alert to the slightest sound, slightest movement…we would not have been in a position to create a few thousand, let alone billions.
  • We are also the only specie, whose brain is bigger (in-capacity) than its container (body) and because of which it is still a mystery to us.
  • It’s also the largest brain amongst the various species (as of today), forming 100 trillion neural connections, 700 new connections between neurons every second, leading us to having roughly around 48.6 thoughts per minute, summing up to a total of 70,000 thoughts per day.

How many of us truly acknowledge our own thoughts, (even 1% of 70,000) every single day???

How many of us, realise that most of our thoughts are not even ours, to begin with…they are beliefs, learning’s, that have been imprinted upon us through generations…for if we were even slightly interested and invested in or own selves, would we not be more interested in knowing even 1 % of the self, in exploring and understanding the Self???

and since we have these 1000’s of thoughts running through our Grey cells, the Brain invariably tries to find a short cut, a shorter route for everything…

Unfortunately, life never works in Shortcuts… learning never happens in shortcuts…and maybe, we then need to find a way of living and learning, which will integrate the enquiring restless yet lazy disposition of the Brain with the wholeheartedness of our vulnerable Heart.

It just might be worthy of our existence…


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