Writing is healing


Read it not once but twice to understand the key word in the statement. No its not writing or hurt but away.

The message is loud and clear for all of us and more for such amongst us who find it hard to speak, to share. They suffer and struggle with their stifling emotions and their cries remain unheard, more often. 

Had a clash with a colleague or boss? Your family misunderstood you and you feel lost? Friends have turned foe? Going through a sense of defeat or failure in life or relationships? 

Write it away…mark my words…write it away…scribble..pen down and then forget it…let your pain seep through the pages of your diary and let you be healed thereafter. Have hard feelings or grudges about someone…write it away and then tear or burn the page. Relaxed? 

Write, express and stay sane.

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      So true, i did write my pain and pen it down many a times. Felt relaxed, thought I’m narrating my feelings to someone who is listening to me silently, the pages.

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