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Bhargavi Ravindra (Traffic Jam Contest)

Yes ! we have come a long way,
only to travel a short distance ,we spend long hours on road
Inside the confines of our vehicle carry life as unwanted load.
Years ago vehicles were few,people in awe waited to have a glimpse
Over the years,traffic has grown leaps and bound, since .
The precious time,manpower, energy all lost in a traffic jam
In the face of civilisation ,we act the part and pretend to be calm!
With advent of Science and Technology ,less time to travel to moon
You embark on your journey in your vehicle ,wondering will reach destination ,how soon ?
The jarring noise,deafening horns,rising temperature,screeching brakes,
Irritated as Time ticks away ,wonder to remain sane,what it takes!
The school bus is stuck with children screaming and fighting
The driver lost to the inside and outside noise ,happily snoring!
An ambulance’s shrill siren falls on deaf ears
The patient must wait patiently and pray for his precious life here.
Mother of all jam is – when there is a VIP convoy in the city
They zoom past you in a jiffy and find the public’s patience …witty!
It has a funny side too,if you are stuck in one ,take a breath deep
Enjoy leisure breakfast,coffee, discuss traffic woes or catch up on your beauty sleep.
You are miserable, helpless,being stuck middle of no where
All around people are honking,hurling abuse ,who cares?
It is now History,Children running to school in gay abundance,pushing pebbles
Playing cricket ,hide and seek ,roads bursting with their chuckles!
Yes …..we have come a long way …..and How ?!!!!

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United By Ink

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