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Bhagyashree Mishra (Category-Poem) (A Special message for My Dad | Certificate of Excellence)


Unlike other kids, superheros could never hypnotize me,
Hardly ever I watched an animated episode,
For I had my own superhero beside.

Happiest was he on welcoming me to this glamorous world,
Cradling me in his well built arms,
He brought home my wonderland.

Neither he performed stunts nor had he any magical bliss,
Nevertheless, I was well aware of his prominence,
Roaming around the town seated on his scooter’s baby seat I could never miss.

Carrying me for my life’s first interview at the school,
Rejuvenating my confidence since then,
Dad – You are my exquisite jewel.

Earnestly you groomed me up for a fancy dress event,
Alas! all your efforts in vain,
Post speaking two words – ” I am ” petrified me paused to present,
Yet your faith in me remained invariant.

Commendable aspect of your parenting was –
Never comparing your kids to other kids around,
And you always approved what our conscience chose.

An enabler to all my good deeds,
You nourished my dreams even at
Those rare instances when Mom was scared to,
I shall always admire my superhero
No matter where life ahead takes me to.

© Bhagyashree Mishra

united ink

United By Ink

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    Thank you for the honour. Grateful to the entire team of UBI. 😊🙏

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