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Best Photographer Award

Winners of September 2021

shakti vyas 1


shakti vyas

 Shakti Vyas

Ila Pachauri 1

“50 shades of Green Cheer”

Ila Pachauri

Ila pachauri

Rudhir Waghmare

“बचपन से……यौवन तक…”


Rudhir Waghmare

Ira Srivastava 1

“सूखी उम्मीदों का चांद”

Ira Srivastava

Ira Srivastava

Shaanveer Greena Wadhwa 1

“Don’t let ur knowledge fade away”…..”

Shaanveer Greena Wadhwa

Greena Sahni Wadhwa

Sandhya Rani Dash 1

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” John Keats

Sandhya Rani Dash

Sandhyarani Dash

Bharti Dumbhre 1

“प्रकृति की सभी चीजों में कुछ ना कुछ अद्भुत है”

– Aristotle

Bharti Dumbhre

Bharti Dumbhre

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