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Ayaskanta Mohapatra (UBI Teary Eyes Contest | Certificate of Excellence)

You are far from me ,not from my heart
Eyes get teary,don’t want to wipe out in my torn shirt
I become nostalgic when think of those days with you
All the seasons tranquil me to murmur ‘love you’

I have perception,may be wrong that my tear droplets are diamond
May be,but who will treasure
I am like caravan of desert
in search of water,how could fetch tears.
Tears are result of my experiment of experience

My pain with wrinkled forehead gifts it
You are the source
Isn’t it ?

I feel tears are of tricolour coming from childhood,youth and old age and permutation and combination of seven hued agony.
But now tear droplets fail to be prism to yield rainbow .
My sky is going to be shy
My eyes become dry,
nostalgic past has stolen my valuable tears.

I miss my horizon after you have fled
Sometimes my eyes bleed
Always I am on quest of my love-seed.
Still there’s time,come I’m in hibernation.
With pupa of poetry you please jump into my teary eyes

You were my past,you are present ,you will be future
Yes for you I must be again mad with maddening crowd with love in this time’s Tricolour.
Please come,in a new morn.


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