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Ayaskanta Mohapatra (UBI Flight Of Dreams Contest | Certificate of Appreciation )

Dreams take birth with man
I think they won’t die even after death.
I’m not a dream-analyst
But know dreams run very fast.

Dreams may be true,but it’s the illusion
This mirage like display is enjoyable but has no realistic value
We wish our dreams should be true
Dreamer resides in fantasy,in mind’s awesome condition

Sometimes dreams fortify creative corner
Sometimes they give tips for scientific discovery
Mendeleev’s Periodic Table or Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is the example
No doubt dreams are the ornaments of sleep ,they make us free from worry.

It’s painful when dream is nightmare
It disturbs sleep
It might be the image of scarry past
Always we pray God,this should’nt be true.

Have we courage to chase the dreams
Why not let’s start.
We should be enthusiastic to follow this challenge of fantasy.
Hope illusion must be reality.

All dreams might not be got by heart
But note the salient points
Follow tips analysing it
Try to translate it to work.


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