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Ayaskanta Mohapatra (On that Street | Certificate of Appreciation (poetry))

The Caffe is abode of ecstasy.
Street is crowded
Business time is directly proportional to the age of night.
Not the food only perhaps it’s written in mind’Soul for sale.

Life is busy
Lethargic will lose pace of survival.
Everyone is in hurried mood
None has time to stand and stare.

Man is mortal but everyday he wishes to be take part of time’s carnival
Street is the device which records living being’s Tricolour of life,childhood,youth and old age activities.
None could hinder time-flow
But street will record these moments

Street records important moments studies all
This street is like mini- world.
Life is a tour,we all are tourist.
Witness is this busy street

Come ,see movement of awesome life.
Street offers you this wonderful scene
Man,the unknown is in his life journey
from minus- infinity to infinity.
This is a pause ,for food,merrymaking and

Take a snap or video of this street.
See life when you are tired.
Try to rise again if you are in slumber
Don’t lose valuable minutes of life it will not come again.


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