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Ayaskanta Mohapatra (Haunted house Contest | Certificate of Participation)

Where’s the end of thirst of light?
Darkness suffers in hibernation
There’s no possibility of jumping of butterfly declaring deliverance from caterpillar period.
Day is mysterious,dusk is scarred and night is young but in devilish get up.

Hope is breached
Day is shy and night confronts nightmares instead of dream
What to do ?
Try to understand ghost’s demand.

Meaning of ghost is not devil
They have been died out of despair
Their house is only a shelter,that people attribute as ‘haunted house ‘
Let’s take coffee with devil.

Try to understand agony concealed in deep depressed breathe.
Try to analyse ,why their despair is cycloned.
Try to help them to be released from their scarry past.
Haunted house will be Almighty’s abode and will be opened to public

united ink

United By Ink

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