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Ayaskanta Mohapatra (By Blackout| Certificate of Participation)

Stars are shining but I’m without any spark
Moon searches all except me
Yes,my sky is cloudy ,always trying to veil sun and moon
Fate mocks at,
I’m in dark.

The day is dazzling but I am suffering in my hibernation
There’s no sign of being butterfly.
Colour molecules are floating like elated poetic syllables.
But there’s no chance to create rainbow.

Paper of my life is still white.
I have been blacked out perhaps.
There’s no connection between heart and brain
Body fails to keep connection with soul

Though I am not out of the match,still am fighting for existence.
Hope still enlightens me
With new promise I’m in contest
I am trying to refresh and reactivate body-soul assembly

I know very well ,always there’s survival of fittest.
My endeavour is to keep my fight till last.

united ink

United By Ink

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