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As my country, India Celebrated its 74th years of Independence, from the imperial rule, I am thankful to all those who fought for our independence and because of whom, I'm... More

Does time really exist or is it just a construct, constructed, deconstructed and reconstructed for our relative understanding of things and of life in relation to it?... ...and then again,... More

Ever since the Corona Epidemic, I had received this forward from at least 2 dozen people, if not more... Stay away from Negative people Stay away from Positive people and... More

Unlike most days, where I woke up quite mindlessly, today seemed, even felt a little different...I was more in tune with myself than most mornings...and as I re-entered the kitchen,... More

They say "Home is Where the Heart Is" and quite shockingly, the house-arrest thing presented a "similarly different" picture...far too many people are feeling locked up...almost imprisoned, bored, out of... More

Happiness---the Final Destination...the Salvation from all suffering...the Ultimate desire... Whether in work, in relationships (romantic or otherwise), or in a break from the daily grind of life...the ultimate desire is... More

Paradoxical to the Lazy Brain ???... Having Practising Meditation, more consistently than otherwise, for a while now, today was my first attempt at Vipassana Meditation... and to keep the Brain,... More

Ever watched a ball being thrown....a stone been hurdled in the still waters...the sound waves being created, when one shouts in an echo chamber...that's exactly what Karma is... They say... More

A lot is being written and talked about Manifesting our Desires, writing and expressing our Gratitude and I cannot deny, it's all good, maybe even fantastic... ...and then, I heard... More

 The Positive Aspect of Negativity…As I read the news of a celebrity deciding to put an end to his own breath, to his own physical entity…as I read the news... More


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