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Author corner: Buddhi Sagar

Buddhisagar (Nepali: बुद्धिसागर; born 2 June 1981) is a Nepali author. He is best known for his novel Karnali Blues. His books are bestseller in Nepal. Karnali Blues as a literary creation itself stands as a possible marker of “pre” and “post” in the literary history in many terms

Buddhisagar was born in Matera, a place in Kailali district of Nepal. Later his family moved to Katase Bazzar and finally Kalikot district. His debut and most popular novel Karnali Blues is also set in these locations. He was passionate about writing from early age. From a very early age, his poems were played on radios. He moved for Kathmandu after passing his School Level.

On moving to Kathmandu, he studied journalism at RR Campus. He was a journalist of Naya Patrika and Nagarik News before he set his career as a full-time writer.

Karnali Blues is an epic story about a young boy who travels to different phases of his life; with his parents. The story’s main plot focuses on the character’s father who develops in our own spirits by the layers of Buddhisagar’s writing. We are made to see the character’s father from different angles: from being strict to loving. Though the main character is the father, the writer also adds a major chunk of his life into it while holding the story and binding it together with several in-and-out characters like Parvati Didi, Ekraj, Mamata Didi, Sharmila, Chandre, Bhagiram, Batu, Sadham, Mandire, Ramesh, Shiva Shankar etc. The story contains the naughtiness of childhood that are hilarious as well as moments of heart-breaking chapters that will keep you wanting more of Buddhisagar’s easy words and perfectly structured sentences. The story starts slow but adds adrenaline to the latter part of the plot and ends rather on a high note that will provide you with intimate satisfaction as well making you want more of Buddhisagar’s novels and literature.

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