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Ate Mamu (Category-Short Story) (Grandmom’s Tales | Certificate of Excellence)

She’s Right!

Sitting infront of your grave in serenity. Then, all of a sudden tears began to fall not knowing why, maybe i just missed you so much! And everything flashes back from the day I lived with you.

“Granny, i’ll go now, I’m late!”, “Granny, where’s my book?” , “Granny, i’ll just have my packed breakfast.”… everything was asked to grandmother. She will never ask anything but gave to me right away.

At the end of class and right after coming back home, there she goes, she talks like a machine gun that never ends, saying that “you need to be like this and like that”, “you should learn how to be like this and like that”, yiu have to be like this and not like that”followed by stories of her past and experiences. I even put my hands on my both ears not to listen to her bunch of “talks”.

Once morning, she told me to go home to my parents, because she will lived with grandpa at the fields so they can watched over the farm. There was a little happiness knowing that I can escape with her thousand stories, but some part I felt uneasy and sad, for sure, I can’t do anything I want if i’ll live with my parents. I thought that they’re strict more than my grandparents.

But I have no choice but to follow what they’ve said to me until I have given a chance to stay with them during weekends.

It was Friday, and i’m so very excited. I put all the things I need to bring in my back bag and I ran as fast as I could to the farm where my grandparents live. Upon arriving at the little and simple house, she have already prepared an early dinner for me. While eating, they prepared my things for a good night sleep waking up with bountiful breakfast that’s all farm products. I spend the whole weekends eating fresh foods, watching the green fields, listening to the sounds of birds and farm animals like they are singing and talking with each other. Watching the skies creating shapes and painting the white clouds making it even more beautiful
And witnessing the magical sun setting from the sky and appearing of moon and stars that glistening like golds and how the big great sun scatters light during sunshine.
At every moment of this, grandmothers tale never fades, even before, she will always talk and share her experiences of growing. Naturally, I listened very well. She never gets tired of explaining, telling tales of people. I wonder how she talks like she knows everything, and at the end of her stories, she will say, “believe me, it’s true!”

Days passed by, I even memorized the poem she always recites infront of me, I can even speak a bit of English because if I can’t answer her, there will be a punishment and for sure I will try my very best. I’m getting bored of her stories, but still managed to listen every week.

Years passed and I have my own family now. A message sent to me saying that “Granny left us”. I spent a whole day with tears and broken heart. But what can I do, I can’t say goodbye to her personally due to distance.

As I sits infront of her grave, there are only two words that I can think and say, “She’s right!” Yes, everything she said was right, every details and lessons, every stories and tales, every word was a truthful fact.

“I believe you Granny, I always will.”

-Ate Mamu


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