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Ate Mamu (Category-Article) (My Country My Pride | Certificate of Appreciation)

An American multi-awarded singer, song writer, dancer and known for his wide range musical style and performances once said ” I am so proud and so happy to be a Filipino.” He never hide or deny his identity as Filipino and as a fellow, I am proud of him, too!

There are lot of Filipinos working overseas, some got married and live in those foreign land where they went to. But they always find their way back home, they never forget their roots as they always stand and wave our flag in every nation they get into. They stay and always will, Filipino!

This is what I love the most about the Filipinos. We are always proud to say and shout it aloud. Why? Because, we are Filipinos.

From the dwelling place of brave warriors and courageous people, who shed blood just to protect our country. From the land where the smartest hero who bleed his ink to speak for freedom against conquerors and put his fight into words. From the place where hospitality and being friends to others is a tradition and smiles are always our expression. From the home of thousand cultures that binds our families, strengthen our faith and nationalism, and preserves our love among mankind. The home of every Filipinos, the Philippines.

Aside from the attributes and distinction of being a Filipino by our values and traditions, the Philippines, an archipelago, known for its thousands islands and islets and called as “The Pearl of the Orient Seas”, is one of the best place here on earth. From the green mountains, hills, vast meadows and ricefiels and so with rice terraces and man made scenes, wild forest and blue clear oceans where animals are living comfortably. Flora and fauna are well diversed making Philippines as one of the richest and biodiversity hotspots, thus making it one of the global conservation areas. Trully a very beautiful country.

Yes, I am Asian, I am a Filipino and I am always proud of it. Just like Bruno Mars who has the blood that runs into him, always speaks about his pride of being a Filipino. Though most of us are small, tanned and flat noses, we are unified with our spirits and nationalism. We have our own identity and we proclaimed wherever we are. Peace loving and committed to our country’s mission of being one is always in our hearts. That despite the distance of every islands, despite the dialects and tribe, despite the tragedies and catastrophe that measures our strength as one country,we can always have the unity and the love for our country and fellow men. That’s making me real proud citizen of Philippines, proud to be a Filipino!

-Ate Mamu

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