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Ate Mamu (Category-Article) (Grandmom’s Tales | Certificate of Excellence)

Mothers knows best but Grandmothers knows everything.
Grandmother is the mother of our mother, but how we describe makes her very special. Grandmothers are usually an old lady, wearing thick eyeglasses and floral printed and colorful design dresses, with her white curly hair that’s rolled and tied up, wrinkled skin who always wear socks and never misplaced her handkerchief. Sweet and affectionate woman, serene loving, conservative yet playful, literally hardworking and always have the feeling of never get tired of everything, a very clever and talented lady that never stops bringing out her tales and stories in every situations and chances.
Grandmothers preference is to take care of her grandchildren. Discipline them and love them even more their own children. Just like mothers, their love is pure, uncomparable and unconditional.
Grandmothers tales and stories are valuable resources and lessons in life because every details are derived from their past experiences and never gets tired to share it, over and over again! Sometimes, grandchildren most listen to their stories rather than their own parents lessons for grandmas always speak with care and have an extra sweetness with their words. I am not saying that mothers are not sweet, but most of the time, because grandmothers love their grandchildren more than everything, they have that “magic” to make them listen and follow what they’ve said.
Grandparents always have lots to offer when it comes to talent and wisdom, maybe because they live longer and gain more experience than anyone else. Their tales makes a very powerful lessons in life. They often insist and push the importance of education, to value and respect every individual, to always do the best thing that you can in every chances you have and do it right which is correct and just. They often imply their lessons thru stories, starting up with “once upon a time” and “there was once”, ending up to the moral lesson and what you should do and must do in case you step on that kind of situation.
Her judgment never fails, she’s always right! She let you made mistakes and feel the pain, she will let you cry and shout out your fears and anger., she will let you talk and smile, and jumped for joy and happiness but she will always makes sure that she will embraced you after, to let you know that it’s okay, and everything will turn out well, while saying “See, what i’ve told you?!”
Grandmothers tale will always be an advice, it is indeed her specialty, a legacy! Her lessons will always have the last words saying that “you’ll never realized until you have your own children and never know until you become a grandmother”, and she’s right!

-Ate Mamu

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