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Ate Mamu (Category-Article) (Betrayal | Certificate of Excellence)


Judas kiss as what they often say when an act of betrayal, especially one disguised as a gesture of friendship. It is a traitorous action displayed by showing of affection mostly by friends, and sometimes lovers and families.

Disclosure of personal and important informations and dishonesty are most common forms of betrayal. It is indeed a heart breaking for a certain relationship leading to self-esteem damages and anger. And in the end, breaking of trust and relationship.

Betrayal is the most devastating and heart wreackage experience of a person. You trust, care and love the person as a friend, as a lover and as part of family, but because of his/her own self-interest, telling lies, cheating, backstabbing will take place just to protect his/her own. It is a great loss! For we are going to loss the one we trusted most.

Some people including our friends and families can’t control their excessive ambitions and greed, their lust and passion, some are just wanting to prove how smart and great they are. Because of these vices and and deep adoration they tend to betray others.

What is very painful is that betrayal never comes from an enemies but from those who are very dear to us. We trusted them blindly, we give our loyalty and love for them. That is why we often said that “it is better to have an enemy who slapped your face and said hated you the most than to have friends/families who betrayed you”.

Betrayal changes a person and breaks relationship. It is not easy to rebuild again or we can say it is impossible to repair again. Betrayal is like a broken glass, we can’t put it back again. What we can do, even if it’s hard is to forgive those people who betrayed us, not for them for for us to live peacefully. It’s difficult to trust them for the second time after breaking our trust but we can learn to those devastating experiences for not to happen again in the future.

©️Ate Mamu


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