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Ate Mamu (Category-Article) (A Special message for My Dad | Certificate of Excellence)

According to Wikipedia, a parent is a caregiver of the offspring to their own species, the caretaker of a child, biologically.

Most of the time, we give credits and appreciation to mothers, and fathers oftentimes disregard and thankless. Father, even though sometimes unnoticed, has the biggest part and importance. A father literally, is the male parent, the man who impregnated the woman to have a child. But there’s one quote from a unknown author, saying that ” A father is not defined as the man who make a child, but rather a man who extends his hands and time to love and raise his child through anything,”

A father is the pillar of home, from where the strength and courage came from. He has the great responsibility attached to his shoulders to carry on. He is the one who serves as shield and protection, the brave protector of the family. The soldier and sword that’s whoever touches wrong and made her children hurt and cry will surely be beaten hard by his hands. A father is mostly the provider, the one who works hard to support the needs of the family, to provide food, shelter, education and everything a family needs to live comfortably. A father is a leader, a very powerful yet soft warm-hearted leader. He set examples, and teach his children with discipline and respect. His words usually is authoritative, the ruler of the house that never be broken, and have the words that must be follow. Father role is seems so be strict and hard, great and courageously express that is why he’s called the pillar of home, for home can’t stand without a strong pillar.

In some instances, the man of the house disappeared, became weak and sometimes left for a reason, the person who stand and claimed the role, be it a man or woman of the house become the father. It can be the mother, the eldest son, sometimes the eldest daughter or who’s so ever that provides the family of everything the father should do. That’s why, it takes someone special to be called a father.

A father is a daughters first love, her shield and ideal man to be with. He is his sons bestfriend, playmate and favorite buddy. By setting examples, his actions is the inspiration and the pillar in childs development for fathers do not just provide material things but also the feeling of security and confidence physically and emotionally.

Fathers gave the best gift a children can have and wished for, to love and believe his children. To support and provide a home, to be their guide and protector, to be a strong pillar.

As George Herber said ” One father is more than a hundred schoolmaster”, and think he is right!

We always recognized the mother role, we often forgot the heavy role of a father to his family. This month of June, as we celebrate the Fathers Day, may we applaud and express our appreciation to our dearest pillar of home, that at all cost sacrificing himself fir the sake of his family. Salute to our capeless hero!

-Ate Mamu


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