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Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana (UBI Journey of the soul Contest | Special Award for Rhythmic Poetry)

In mother’s lap; a journey of budding soul passed
In festive mood; a journey of school days passed,
College life is a most valued phase for everyone,
Where maturity enlightens us in a short duration.

The days of childhood passed pleasantly
The days of teen-age passed beautifully
The days of love-phase passed wonderfully
And, love’s journey culminated decisively.

The fleeting phases of life, with eclipsing age
Fasten the mind to run after desires’ mirage;
Unless one eliminates this state of misty mind,
One cannot kindle a light in the blowing wind.

Like holy sermons recited before holy persons
In life’s journey, our soul too gives sermons;
To uproot, the deep-rooted fantasies and conceit
If not, life is bound to lose its ‘righteous prospect’.

How the soul is disgraced in its journey with life,
Our consciousness is well aware of the past strife;
As real bliss dwells in an honest and spiritual life; for sure
Many a time soul caution us to shun fleeting pleasures.



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