Why So Common?

Why So Common?



Nishtha Setia

Do you think we have lost ‘sense’ to ‘common sense’?

Common Sense, a basic ability to perceive, understand and judge things that are shared by (“common to”) nearly all people and can reasonably be expected of nearly all people without the need for debate, Wikipedia defines.

Do you think we are born this way? Do you think we have ‘common’ inclination? If you think not, then where did ‘common sense’ start really? 

From childhood to our declining years we have moved towards ‘common sense’. As a junior, we did not know how to pull out straight lines as we grow, we are taught and said straight line is simple and considered as perfect and ideal. Do you see any straight lines in nature? No, we don’t see instead in progression, we have made each and everything straight line so common that we forget our expression and we all become oblige to sense as common to all of us. In the progress of being common, we have forgotten to be uncommon.

Listening to the grandma stories under the blue living in a small house with birds and without the fear of street animals. We had our desires and our expression of a small house filled with our mind and heart as well as small houses had its taste and flavour. But to be in the race of being common we shift our houses to the houses which look like matchboxes, straight and all have the same looking house, nothing uncommon.

Being in the queue of common didn’t last to us but we transplanted to birds and other animals. There was a time when birds built their own nest in a different form, shapes. What did we do? We made them the same home, homemade of brass, steel or iron welded.

Plants and trees lived in small houses of people as members but common sense made people wash their hands off now plants and trees live in the forest or tree farms. Trees have their uniqueness with wavy lines and untamed trees. But we did not let them be original, with machines we created a common umbrella called ‘wood’. 

Today we are captive of fashion by moulding our beauty. Some of us are bulky, curvy, wavy and perfect in their way but we have moved to the idea of perfectionism, a common idea of being straight, sharp body, edgy. Fashion doesn’t end with our bodies, it follows our culture’s clothes. Every state has its traditional way of clothing but every single has moved to ‘common’ fashion called jeans.

We all have our pattern of fingerprints and thumbprint which differentiate every human differently but now thumbprint is considered a sign of illiteracy and a sign as literate, a common for the world.

We create straight and common for our own needs, we miss the experience of being different, unique and being twisted. We made straight roads for faster travel in mountains and other places, straight roads get us to our destination fast but not to the heights.

Why not be sens-ible rather than be common. Why not be unique and stand out of the box?


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