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Archana Zutshi (Category-Poem) (Eclipse | Certificate of Excellence)

Untempered by an Eclipse

There was a tension broadcast
In vain, they thought the girl shall resist.
His advances kept growing, rankling her active mind.
Her Uncle, a journo, was eliminated.
He had lodged a complaint with the police.

A married woman fought against the rapists
She persisted, though defiled yet again,
To break her resolve, her fight for justice.
In the bargain, the Vishakha Case Guidelines
Protecting women from Sexual Harassment at workplace were promulgated!

Two sisters lost their father
A police officer,
Their mother lost her battle to cancer.
The sisters build each other up
And returned with a dominant fervour.
Undaunted seekers of justice
Recalibrated on administrative posts.

With fortitude the women have given hope.
Undeterred by any momentary eclipse,
Resuming with a vindictive force,
Exemplary women have radiated back,
Uneclipsed, undeflected, defying the dark pall.

©Dr Archana Bahadur Zutshi



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