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Aradhana Agarwal (Category-Short Story) (Secret | Certificate of Excellence)

His restless gesture outside the operation theatre is well understood by the onlookers. The encouraging words, “Don’t worry, everything will be fine. Soon you’ll be informed.
The doctor is an experienced one’,
are not enough to bring calmness in his mind that moment. The doctor who has been doing regular checkup of her wife is out of the town. An another doctor is doing the complicated surgery.
The door of OT opens and the lady doctor comes out. He runs towards her but the moment their eyes meet, he loses his moving as well as speaking ability. The doctor too is shocked, stares at him in a disgusted way and leaves the place immediately.
Within a minute a nurse puts on his arm the newborn baby and utters, ‘Congrats to be father of a very beautiful girl.’
A boyhood memory begin haunting him.
‘Shrey, I am pregnant.’ horrified teary eyed Priya informed him.
‘What a rubbish! Don’t be smart with me. We are too young just preparing for 10th board exam.
How could you be so careless?’ He yelled at her ruthlessly.
‘Is this my fault only?’ Sobbing Priya asked.
Definitely! Being a girl you should know how to prevent pregnancy. You should have pills regularly. Listen carefully, I won’t take responsibility of your negligence.’ saying this he left the room.
Today his relatives are showing gratitude to Dr. Priya for saving life of both mother and child and he in the corridor is recalling Priya’ s departing words,’ You don’t value girls, one day you’ ll regret this act’.
He is now a daughter’s father and many a times he has heard the saying, ‘ children pay for their parents’ sin.’
His wife happily introduces him with Priya without knowing a very shameful secret they are sharing together.
Aaradhana Agarwal


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