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Aradhana Agarwal (Category-Short Story) (Love of the Fall | Certificate of Appreciation)

Love of the fall

After retirement at the age of 60, Mr. Mehta decides to spend life leisurely with a thought what to worry now.  Children are settled, wife has already left for her heavenly abode; so, life is purposeless. There is no more stress to  accumulate wealth now.
He is now 70 years old. Ten years he has spent retired life without any high goals. He is fed up with leading same dull routine for many years. Nothing seems exciting, nothing is enjoyable.
Sometimes blessings on birthdays for long life seem to be curse. Mr. Mehta has never thought length of his life line, that earlier used to give him immense pleasure, will be a matter of pain for him.
One evening while strolling in a public garden, he notices a baby girl of a female beggar sleeping on the footpath. Such a lovely kid! He offers some money to the lady. Since then every day he purposely goes to the garden to have a glance of that little kid. On returning he never forgets to offer the lady food and money.
One day, the lady asks him if he knows some orphanage where the kid can be kept as the lady is sick and won’t live longer. He assures her to help and at home discusses with his family members if he can adopt the child.
His son and daughter- in – law are so happy that at least he has found some aim in life. They agree and in presence of the lady the  tiny girl  is legally adopted. The lady dies within a week and the child is so small that it is worthless to explain her what tragedy has happened in her life.
At the ripened age of seventy he takes all responsibility of the girl. He hires a nanny for her, loves to instruct his cook to prepare healthy baby food  and has started own financial consultancy to meet the expanses of her education.
Today by god’s grace Saubhagya is a college going girl, extremely caring and helpful young lady. Mr. Mehta is 90 years old and feels blessed that he has spent his entire life purposefully. His fatherly love at the fall of his life has not only shaped life of a destitute girl but also made it remarkable .
Aaradhana Agarwal

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