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Apps Every Writer Needs

Meeting up with all the deadlines, arranging your thoughts, and then putting it all on paper can be a real struggle but you don’t have to worry anymore. Saving you the time and energy to go through the pool of available apps, I have come up with five apps that every writer needs to have:

1. Grammarly
From spell-checks, punctuation to understanding the tone of your content, Grammarly does it all. This app’s accuracy makes it a must-have for every writer out there!
According to Forbes, “it is an online service that makes you sound like a pro” and who wouldn’t want to sound like a pro?

2. Mindnode
Imagine a map of your thoughts? Sounds cool, right? Mindnode does just that for you, lets you map out your ideas! The map starts with your central idea and then branches out from there. You can also colour code, highlight and personalize your branches. For anyone who struggles with organization, I strongly recommend this app!

3. Scrivener
From nascent notion to a final full stop, Scrivener has all the tools a writer can ask for. This app is tailor-made for long writing projects, allowing you to compose your text in any order you desire.
Karen Traviss, #1 NYT bestselling author, feels that Scrivener is “genuinely for working writers with real deadlines“. So all our working writers, this app is for you!

4. Freedom
The social media notification or calls from your loved ones can be a real distraction when you have just sat down to pour your precious thoughts onto paper, especially for the procrastinating ones out there. A split-second of disturbance, and there goes your entire focus. Freedom is just the app you need in your life. This app blocks every notification from apps and website to help you reclaim your productivity!
Freedom users report gaining an average of 2.5 hours of productive time each day. That reason alone is enough to give this app a try.

5. The Brainstormer
Writer’s block is a thing and I can completely understand anyone who sits down to write but feels absolutely blank sometimes. The Brainstormer can prove to be of help with just that. A spin of the wheel combines a random plot, characters and setting to help your creative juices flowing. Even if you don’t particularly like the story this app comes up with, you will gain some inspiration or a starting point for your own idea!


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