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Aparna Patwardhan Bhat (Category-Poem) (Secret | Certificate of Appreciation)

Shh!!! It’s a Top – Secret.

Top – Secret demands your trust,

In time of difficulties it is a must.

Putting your faith and belief at game,

Creating uphold on it as it claims.

Unnecessary tension at times, it creates.

Shh! It’s a Top – Secret,

We just cannot dictate.

The conspirator finds himself in trouble,

People do not spare,

And follow the big created bubble.

They make a big uproar,

 If revealed, it sparks a furore.

The forces need to confront it,

Dismissing the wrong,

And revealing the truth behind it.

Shh! It’s a Top – Secret,

We need to understand and admit.

The policies need to be kept in check,

Priorities and opportunities,

Play the game on deck.

Prime plots are to be figured out,

Undisclosed and on hold than to flout.

Shh! It’s a Top – Secret,

That is always the game everywhere throughout.

Aparna Patwardhan Bhat

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