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Anuradha Singh (Rainbow | Certificate Of Excellence)

There is a rainbow in my heart, 

It showcases moods unending. 


I love to indulge that rainbow and bring out the spectrum of colours in my minds pews.

Brandishing my mood on my sleeve.

Writing poems and stories with many coloured weaves.


The Violet makes me serene, calm and quiet.

I ponder with the Indigo draped beautifully on me light.

 But the Blue crumples me in a mood not so cool.

Till I watch the azure blue sky shaking me out of the ruminating mood.


Greens bring out the best, the drape of nature.

Beckoning me to wander, write poetry about its multitudinous venture.

Soothing the eye, immense fertility in every gesture.


Yellow a hue perfect, creating prefects of happiness.

Harbinger of festivals and marriages, bringing laughter ceaseless.


Orange the colour of the rising sun, the reason of life in every atom alive.

Wise are it’s rays leaping towards earth for life they strive.

The golden currents send eclectic sensations, furbishing sense of gratitude in humankind.


Red the colour of love, my heart picks a different pace.

My lips curl into a smile growing deep, coming out to peek.

At my love standing beside me glancing. Assurances in every kiss bringing shivers of delight. 


I run behind the band of rainbow searching  new hue.

Instead see a pot, filled to the brim, spilling over.

With letters, words, expressions and views.

As life is a perception of your eye.

Rainbow must you perceive always in your sky


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