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Anuradha Singh (On that Street | Certificate of Excellence)

Life on that street

On that street I settled in a corner seat
Sipping at a tea kiosk refreshing lemon grass tea
Accompanied by a salty nutty treat

The street was busy buzzing with energy
Heralding life, there was no place for lethargy
It was a picturesque place to experience synergy.

Children playing games in sheer blithe
Tourists roaming the street having fear just a myth
Houses sparkling with fairy lights troubles not in sight.

Sitting in the corner street, I conversed with my mind anew
I saw my life with its cobwebs in an open view
Its unrestrained vibrancy, ardour for life was a cue.

I shook my head out of depressed slumber
I walked down the street in a happy bubble
Life on street promised new phase of life with new angle

united ink

United By Ink

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