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Anuradha Singh (Morning in the woods | Certificate of Participation )

Scented breeze carrying cedar, poplar and pine scents, greet the early rays

Golden rays wash the ebony, make haste to the wooded pathways

I enjoy the morning stroll amidst the woods exploring nature gay

Chirping birds calling their mates to play

Squirrels scuttling to collect nuts and berries for the day

Wild flowers yawning, raising lazy heads

Cuckoos crooning the song of day break

Gushing water falls sprinkling cool water on leafy bushes.

Little animals come hopping out of burrows and bushes to graze

A tiny fawn wobbles past me which makes me crinkle

Dew drops like pearls roll down the tip of green edges

I watch a cocoon turning into a delicate butterfly and praise

The creators Mesmerising craft; as It flutters, I surrender in grace

To the silent beauty all around making me feel so blessed

I walk deep inside the enchanting woods and wish to be lost.

Ceaseless are the delights of the wood
for my happy heart.

united ink

United By Ink

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