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With the advent of advanced communication gadgets it is possible to communicate with people living far away but at the same time is becoming very difficult to communicate with people who are close by. One can speak to a person living far away but a person sitting next to you does not give you attention if you communicate. It is so because that person is busy speaking to someone who is far away. But man is a social animal and his need to socialize makes it imperative to talk and understand everything around him living or nonliving. This ability of man to understand and analyze everything around him has kept him ahead in the race of survival. That means this skill is something great. Yet if we find someone talking to something that is nonliving or even to other animals we find it funny.

A friend recently forwarded a post that said a recent study by behavioral science professor at the University of Chicago professor Nicholas Epley says, “Historically anthropomorphism has been treated as a sign of childishness or stupidity, but it is a byproduct of tendency that makes humans uniquely smart on this planet. No other species has this tendency.” I would like to believe that his observation is right as I have seen few super intelligent people do this.

One insanely intelligent friend of mine talks to everything living around her. She has named everything around her with human like names and talks about them as if she is speaking about someone alive. One day she called to say, “ Aga mi yeu shakat nai karan mazya lintu la bara nai ( hey I cannot come as my Lintu is unwell). I did not imagine she was speaking about her
Moped Luna. People who do not know her are surprised and pass her off as insane, but her personal and professional success proves them wrong.

Mankind has accepted and understood and honored this concept or else why would we hold people who communicate with abstract concept called God. This ability to communicate with the abstract makes them mystics or a God men, so the ability to communicate with living animal and nonliving things must also be something great.

This is an era of communication everything is connected but this over connectivity has created a vacuum which disconnects people who are near and ready to connect directly but have nobody to connect to so they find connectivity with nonliving things or animals . One should be thankful to the almighty that the animals are not using the modern means of connecting with each other, so this concept called anthropomorphism is available for the people who want to connect to real world around them.

They are definitely super intelligent people who have chosen to connect with everything around them they are the people who will write the tale of survival when this era of over communication leaves the humanity with psychological imbalance. When people obsessed with these devices would turn blind to the beautiful surrounding around them our anthropomorphic friends would take the human race into the beautiful would of communication where everything that is not human will have emotions and man would have to relearn the concept of direct communication. So respect people who can talk to walls , to the bird flying in the sky , to a tree that gives a cool shadow, to a dog that sits by the side and speaks with its gaze. They are the ray of hope that would enlighten the generations to come.

By Jyoti Thatte

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