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Anchal Goyal (Rainbow | Certificate Of Excellence)

If I could be a rainbow and run in the sky, 

I could be droplets of smile and pry..


Life couldn’t have been better… 

I could be spiritual, wise, divine and a creator 

I could be sunshine for the people I care 

I could walk through the sky and be there for a roar 

I could own the sky, conquer and cure.


I could be an arc or a circle, children may wonder.. 

Maybe an arc…no no no….May be a circle!

I could be a moonbow when there is no light 

If you promise me, you stay happy and tight.. 


I could be placed at angles for reflection and refraction 

I could be a puzzle for the light and rotation 

I could be an illusion, simply opposite the sun 

I could be seen for the people to have fun… 


I could be a shower if no one fears  

I could be multicoloured and still look pretty 

I could spread magic around

I could be your sunshine with no sound…



If I could be a rainbow and run in the sky 

I could be droplets of smile and pry


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