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Aaradhana Agarwal (Category-Short Story) (A Doctor’s Oath| Certificate of Excellence)

The Hippocratic Oath
A serious patient has been brought to a reputed heart hospital at midnight. One of the senior most heart surgeons has taken leave for a day just fifteen minutes before the arrival of the patient. It has been a hectic day for him as he has done two heart transplantations that day. In the car the chauffer can feel how tired the doctor is. His eyes are closed and soon he begins snoring. He hasn’t taken his afternoon meal so skipped his regular medicines that day and is feeling little unwell.
His phone rings. He is in deep sleep so can’t hear it. The chauffeur stops the car and attends the phone. The doctor is requested to do an operation in an emergency as other surgeons are not available at that hour.
The driver is about to reach home within five minutes. God knows what comes to his mind, he drives back to the hospital.
The doctor after having power nap feels fresh. He opens his eyes and is surprised to find he is entering the parking area of the hospital.
He asks the driver reason behind it. The driver replies, “First of all I ask for your apology Sir. I have been working with you for last ten years. I know what your importance is in our life and how dedicated to your profession you are. So, without disturbing your sleep, I have dared to take a decision on behalf of you. You are urgently needed to save one more human life.”
The doctor rushes to the patient, does the surgery and writes a note in his diary, ” Today, I am grateful to my chauffeur who has saved the honour of the oath, I have taken as a doctor.”
Aaradhana Agarwal

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